13 Mar

How To Use WordPress Plugins

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Plugins on WordPress are a type of add-ons for your site. They can help improve your website, and its efficiency, overall. For instance, some plugins help with editing, designing, security, images and even the speed of your website. With hundreds of plugins to choose from, you have so many ways to enhance your website, business, and blog.

In order to use a plugin from WordPress, you have to first download it and then install it to your WordPress account. Here are a couple easy steps that will help you find plugins and install them quickly:


06 Mar

Chrome Extensions For Productivity

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With more than half of Internet traffic coming from Google Chrome users, it’s no surprise that there are thousands of browser extensions available. From extensions comparing price trends of your favorite items to ones that block advertisements or hide spam, there are options for all types of users. For those who are passionate about productivity, the amount of adds-on can seem endless – and that’s why we decided to take the time to show you some of the most productive extensions out there to get the most out of your day!


27 Feb

How To Avoid Computer Viruses

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What is a virus?

A computer virus is simply a computer program that executes malicious code on your machine.

To make the concept of a virus simple to understand, consider this example. A computer program has a particular function. Microsoft Word, for example, is a text editor program. Excel is a program for creating spreadsheets. A virus is also a program, except its function is to perform tasks that delete your files, steal passwords from your computer, and many others.


24 Feb

Voice Mails vs. Support Tickets

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Greetings!  We wanted to follow up with you about our previous support process email and talk a little bit about the advantages of submitting support tickets as opposed to leaving voicemails.

First of all, support tickets are checked 24/7 – voicemails are not. 🙁

                       SUPPORT TICKETS                             VOICEMAILS
                             24/7 Support                                Office Hours Only

All support is handled through tickets. Having the customer submit a support ticket ensures that we receive all of the correct information without the possibility of a misunderstanding via voicemail. Sometimes voicemails do not include all information requires, causing confusion when a member of our team is creating the ticket. 

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm CST.  Outside of these hours no one will likely be available to check voice mails and submit tickets for you.   There will be techs available online, and you will receive help from them much quicker if you submit a ticket instead of leaving a voice mail. 

You can submit a ticket even if you are having email issues.  You can use an alternate email account (very important to have a secondary email address) to email Support@HostandStore.com (this opens up a support ticket), or you can submit a ticket from your Client Area.  If you do not know your Client Area login information, please send us an email, and we’d be happy to email your credentials to you. 

If you do leave a voice mail, we need your full name (if it is not your name on the account, we need the full name of that person), email address, your secondary email address if you are having email issues, and the details of the issue. We have had several cases lately of only names and numbers left in a voice mail.  This is not enough information to go on in order to submit a ticket.  Please include all of the requested information.


16 Feb

Best Organization Apps

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Almost everyone has a cell phone in this day and age. But the big question is: what do you use it for? Most people use their mobile device for leisure and entertainment purposes, but how many people do you know also use their cell phones to simplify their lives?  There’s an app for everything.  So, we searched and found some of the best organization apps for you to download and try.


13 Feb

Two-Factor Authentication

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Over the years we can see that the use of conventional passwords are not enough to protect ourselves online. Accounts are easily invaded through the discovery of personal passwords, social profiles are violated, increasingly sophisticated malware is spread, and mobile threats have become increasingly present in our day-to-day lives. Several attacks are enough to prove that the security provided by traditional passwords are no longer as efficient as they used to be. This is due to the fact that the technologies used by malicious users have evolved.

One of the last (already ineffective) methods formerly used are the one-time acronym passwords (OTP), which basically give you a specific time-frame to insert your sensitive information. If it takes too long for you to insert that information, then your login is delayed. All of this is done in an effort to circumvent robots or malware who may try to break into your private accounts. However, this has already become useless because the malware programs used by hackers are now able to slip through these techniques. Although this tactic is still active and employed, it is considered by many to be 70% ineffective.


06 Feb

How Do I Attach Pictures in my Emails?

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Startup Stock Photos

In today’s world, the online e-mail tools that are available to us are offering more storage space that we can imagine. This has allowed users to have access to their old messages each time they access the internet, as well as the ability to easily share large files with others. However, one of the biggest advantages of using any form of e-mail client software, such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird, is the great versatility in the formatting of outgoing messages.


30 Jan

The Basics of Content Marketing

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If content marketing is a new concept to you, don’t worry. It can be overwhelming with all the information that’s out there. Depending on your point of view, content marketing can either be a completely new concept or another name for something that you’ve been doing for ages. And no matter which case it may be, content marketing comes with a whole new set of vocabulary.


23 Jan

Configuring a catch-all email account

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If you have your own website, chances are you have a custom email address, such as contact@yourdomain.com. As part of your email strategy, you can create a specific email to “catch” the ones that get away.

You see, people mess up. Often times, a person will send you an email, and because they mistyped your address, they’ll wind up forwarding their message to a non-existent recipient. With a catch-email account in place, it will capture these messages that would have otherwise been sent to the wrong receiver.
So how does this work?