Month: November, 2014

21 Nov

9 Places To Find Free Stock Photography

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I recently read a  WebCopyPlus article that told the story of a copywriter who ended up paying $4000 in fines for using a $10 image inappropriately – all because he or she violated the image’s copyright. Unfortunately, this was caused by the writer failing to fully understand copyright laws on the web. As you can see, this turned into a costly mistake.

Don’t worry. There are ways to protect yourself.


14 Nov

5 Considerations For Web Image Optimization

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This photograph has been optimized for web

Images are all over the web. They can be easy to take for granted, but without images the internet would be no different from an Encyclopedia. Images can be an amazing tool for any website – as long as they’re properly optimized and implemented. With this in mind, let’s walk through 5 of the most important aspects of optimizing your images for the web.