Almost everyone has a cell phone in this day and age. But the big question is: what do you use it for? Most people use their mobile device for leisure and entertainment purposes, but how many people do you know also use their cell phones to simplify their lives?  There’s an app for everything.  So, we searched and found some of the best organization apps for you to download and try.

The Key Ring App

Many companies offer a rewards program that they want customers to sign up for.  When you do sign up for one of these, typically you will get a card.  Since most people sign up for more than one and your wallets or key chains become full and crowded. It can be a real hassle to carry these things around. Thanks to the Key Ring app, you can scan all your cards onto a single app. If that wasn’t good enough, this app will also help you look for coupons based on the cards that you have scanned. So you’ll save money at checkout too!

Stylebook App

Getting dressed can be time consuming. It’s no wonder Steve Jobs always wore the same clothes. Luckily for you, you don’t have to go to extreme lengths such as steve did. The stylebook app takes photos of the clothes you already own and makes outfits with them. Not only will this help you pick what to wear, but when you’re out shopping, you can see if you own something similar, or better yet, you can figure out if that piece of clothing matches with something you already have.


Procrastination is one of our biggest enemies. We are surrounded by distractions all day long. In this day and age, it can be tempting to do something other than what you should be doing.  So if you have a ton of things to do but lack the motivation, then this is the app for you. Think of this as a turbo charged to-do list. The idea is that you if you time yourself doing a task, you will most likely do it. So this app makes sure that you focus 30 minutes on a specific task. This app will not only help your get on track, but it will help you stay focused.


Don’t you just hate carrying receipts around to keep track of expenses? Well luckily for you, this app lets you get rid of them (while organizing them all into a single place the same time.) With the shoeboxed app, you simply take a picture of your receipts and categorize them.  It also happens to be IRS approved, so once you have your receipt on the app, you can throw the real one away. To make life even easier, shoeboxed can be integrated with accounting software such as Quickbooks, so you can organize your finances in a few simple steps.

These apps will help even the busiest people stay organized, boost productivity, and carry out a more stress-free lifestyle.

Do you have any favorite organization apps? We’d love to hear from you!