Plugins on WordPress are a type of add-ons for your site. They can help improve your website, and its efficiency, overall. For instance, some plugins help with editing, designing, security, images and even the speed of your website. With hundreds of plugins to choose from, you have so many ways to enhance your website, business, and blog.

In order to use a plugin from WordPress, you have to first download it and then install it to your WordPress account. Here are a couple easy steps that will help you find plugins and install them quickly:

Plugin Directory – First, go to the plugin directory. This directory will allow you to search plugins by featured plugins, popular plugins, favorite plugins, and it even has a plugin search engine for quick reference. Plugins through this directory will describe what the plugin is used for and who makes it. It will also discuss if there is a fee for the plugin. Some plugins are free while others do cost. Once you choose a plugin that you want to add to your WordPress account, you are then ready to download.

Downloading Plugin – Next click on the plugin that you wish to download. Be sure that you are installing the latest version of it. In the corner you should see download and install button and the name of the plugin. Click the download button.

Installing Plugin – Then go to your WordPress Administration Panels and click on Plugins. It will allow you to type in the name of the plugin you are trying install. The plugin should pop up on your screen. Next you want to click on ‘install.’

Turn-on Plugin – Once you have installed the plugin, you will need to turn it on to use it. Click on the activate button. From there you can customize the settings for however you are using this plugin, adding your own personal settings.

Depending on the type of plugin you have chosen for your WordPress account, it may run all the time or you may need to use it only at specific times. For instance, a security plugin that monitors spam and watches for viruses will most likely run all the time, whereas a plugin such as a slideshow creator will work only when you wish to create a slideshow.

Also, your plugins should be easily accessible either on your Administration Panels or under your blog post settings. If you have trouble using your plugins go to WordPress Help to troubleshoot your problem. Most problems on WordPress can be found under WordPress Help.

Overall, WordPress plugins help to enhance your performance, improve your website, and engage your audience. I recommend installing plugins that you will use frequently and that will help your site work more efficiently and effortlessly. As you learn to install and use your plugins, it will become like second nature to you. So, don’t worry if it takes a few minutes for you to understand how a plugin works.