Month: August, 2014

20 Aug

Why You Should Blog for Your Business

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Ink and QuillDon’t Have a Blog Yet? Here Are 4 Reasons You Need One

You’ve been to all the presentations about how important social media is for your business, heard all the buzzwords, and listened to endless marketing experts tell you that you need to have a blog, yet you still don’t have one. If you’re not sure why you need one, and the idea of starting a blog and keeping it updated regularly is a little bit overwhelming, here are some of the main reasons why you should blog for your business.


13 Aug

How to Set Up Email in Microsoft Outlook

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Hey everyone. Hope you are all well.

Many of you are Windows users and have been for many years. Chances are you’ve used outlook and may even still be using it. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used email clients. It was previously bundled with Windows in an “express” version, and there is also a more robust “full” version. Presently, you cannot obtain a copy of outlook with a new computer, unless you buy a copy of Microsoft Office.  Windows 8 now comes with a much simpler email client called “Mail”. If you’ve been using Outlook for years, “Mail” more than likely won’t cut it.


12 Aug

Network Update

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It has been brought to our attention that there is currently a nationwide Internet routing issue.

This issue effects Cogent, Level 3, and Comcast.  During this outage, you may experience issues accessing your sites and mail.  It is currently being worked on and we hope they will have it resolved soon.

Our systems are 100% online and are being monitored, as always. As soon as the service providers mentioned above resolve the issue, all routing issues will be resolved.

06 Aug

The Importance of Password Security

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Hello, Friends! I hope you are all doing great.

The internet is a wonderful thing. On the other hand, there are drawbacks, as there are with any good thing. Your whole identity is on the internet. Many of us use online banking and pay our bills on the internet. Proper precautions must be taken when it comes to security. I’d like to pass along some information about password security in general.