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15 Jan

Google Workspace Migration Info

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Over the last year, WALT Labs has redoubled its efforts to deliver best-in-class services to our customers. As a leading Google partner, our goal is to provide businesses like yours with a premium experience that takes advantage of current technology and email trends. To do this, all Voicenet customers will be moved to Google Workspace on March 8, 2021.

Your new Gmail environment will provide a new modern user experience, but rest assured that all of your data will be safely transferred. 

We are confident this change will positively affect your experience and the usability of your email service. 

Some of the features you can expect include: 
  • Create Google documents directly within Chat
  • Integration with other Google products like:
    Meet, Chat, and Rooms.
  • Preview linked files in Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
  • View contact details inside Workspace documents
  • Picture-in-picture technology lets you see and hear the people you’re collaborating with.

We understand this is a big change. That’s why our team is standing by to answer any questions you have and to walk you through anything you need help with.
What this means for you:
Leveraging our partnership with Google we will be able to provide you with a broader range of features, including an industry-leading spam filtration system.

 What changes will need to be made?
On the day of the switch-over, you will need to change the settings in your mail client to reflect the Google servers.  Your email address will stay the same.  Prior to moving the password on your email account will need to be changed so we can migrate any existing mail in your account to the Google platform.  On February 22nd, prior to the switch-over date, you will be provided with a new password for your email account.  After the switch-over, you will be able to change the password to any password you wish to use.

Why does my password need to be changed?
In order to keep your account secure, all passwords are encrypted.  Unfortunately due to this encryption, we are unable to view or retrieve your password.  Unfortunately, due to this restriction, a new password must be assigned to your email account.
What if I do not wish to switch my account?
We can understand that some people may not wish to switch.  Unfortunately, we are unable to run both platforms at the same time.  If you do not wish to switch, please let us know prior to February 15th and we will be happy to close your account on the switch-over date.

Who is Walt Labs and why are they emailing me?
Host And Store is a brand of WALT Labs.  WALT Labs is the new name of Root Level Technology.  We are still the same great company, with the same great employees.  The only difference is a new name and a spiffy new logo.

Is Host And Store Closing?
We are not closing. Host and store will continue to be a brand and will continue to provide service.  We are only changing the platform that is running the services.

If my password is getting reset, will you be sending me the new password?
Yes, we will be sending you the new password.  We will be sending the new password several days before we actually perform the change.

Can my contacts be migrated?
Yes, your contacts can be migrated to the Google Workspace environment.  We have a handy how-to doc located HERE.

Will Google Workspace support POP3 and SMTP email services?
Yes, it will support POP3 and SMTP for external email programs.

Will I continue to have webmail access with Google Workspace?
Yes, you will have full access to a webmail interface.  However, rather than Horde or Roundcube, it will be the business version of the Gmail interface.

Will I be able to keep my subfolders and emails on the server?
Yes.  All emails and folders that are currently on the server will be migrated into the Google Workspace environment.

Will my email address change since we are being moved to Google?
No, you will not have to change your email address. email addresses will continue as they are, just on the Google platform.

Will I still be able to download my email and remove it from the server?
Yes.  You will be able to download email directly from the server to your own local email program. 

Will I lose all my emails?
All emails on the server will be migrated to the new platform. 

Why did you decide to do this?
As a company, we always strive to offer the best product and features available. Utilizing our partnership with Google we had the opportunity to move our infrastructure to the Google platform, and offer a great many features we were unable to provide before.

Will you be providing step by step guides for how to make changes?
Yes, we will be providing guides and documentation covering many aspects of the move.

If I want to cancel will I receive a partial refund?  
Yes, if you wish to cancel we will be providing partial refunds.

When will the new fees take effect?
The new fees will take effect after the switch over on March 8th.

Can I still have yearly billing?
Yes, You can still have yearly billing if you wish.  The yearly fee per email account would be $72
20 Nov

Cybersecurity During the Holidays

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The holidays are right around the corner, and both consumers and shop owners are taking advantage of the internet during this period of time. Online shopping has grown dramatically in the U.S. over the years. As a matter of fact, in 2014, Cyber Monday, which is basically the online version of Black Friday, surpassed $2 billion in sales. Each year, the number is expected to increase. The reason for this is likely due to many trying to avoid the chaos of holiday shopping in person. Packed shopping malls, long-lines, and cramped parking lots? No thanks.

Now, although online shopping is making the lives of both buyers and sellers easier, cyber hackers are doing a good job of making it complicated.

October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month. In this day and age, with people flocking to the internet instead of retail shops, online security needs to be at the forefront of every company’s strategy.


31 Jul

Basics of Online Safety

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Online Safety


The Internet is a great place to connect, find information, and conduct business. But there are many ways for unscrupulous people to take advantage of others online. Fortunately, staying safe online is a skill that can be learned. The following tips will help protect your privacy and your personal and financial information.


Passwords should be at least eight characters long, and should contain letters, numbers, upper- and lowercase letters, and a symbol ($&! are some examples). It’s best not to use the same password for every account, because if one site is hacked, hackers may try the same password on a number of accounts. It’s easy to forget passwords, so write them down in one place somewhere away from your computer that you can easily find and remember.

Social Media

Facebook is a wonderful tool for connecting with friends and family, but it can be a challenge to use social media without compromising your privacy. Take advantage of privacy settings. Facebook provides the ability for users to limit who can see your posts, pictures, and other information. Setting your account to “private” in the settings menu and limiting your posts to “friends only” ensures that strangers can’t see what you post online.

Even when your social media is set to private, your posts are your public face. Friends on social media can take screenshots or copy anything you write online and share it. A good rule of thumb is not to post anything you would not say in public.


Junk email is a nuisance. If you are getting a lot of email from a company you’ve done business with, you can usually find a link at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe from their mailing list or limit the number of emails they send. Unsolicited email should be added to the “spam list” provided by your email provider. Never click a link in an unsolicited email. These links may lead to scams or software that could infect your computer.


Scams are common on the Internet, but you can avoid becoming a victim by using common sense and being aware of the techniques used by scammers. People will sometimes post on social media about personal emergencies and ask for money. Before giving any money, reach out to the person directly to confirm that their account has not been hacked. Another common scam involves emails saying that you or a family member owe money. These are almost always scams. Do not respond to an email asking for money. You may sometimes see an email or pop up warning that your computer has been infected with viruses or malware. Scammers will either attempt to sell you useless software or ask you to download a program that will infect your computer with actual malware. If you are concerned that your computer has a virus, contact a professional, but never download anything you see on a popup window.

17 Jul

Emoji SEO

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SEO and emojis

According to a 2015 report, 92% of consumers use emojis. Younger consumers increasingly prefer using emojis instead of written text to express their thoughts and feelings. As a result, emoji use has skyrocketed in online marketing. Google, Bing, and Yahoo all allow emoji searches on their search engines. Savvy marketers are using emojis in SEO to take advantage of this growing trend.


How to Incorporate Emojis into Your SEO Strategy


Local SEO and City Search: Entering an emoji into a search will simply return a list of images similar to the emoji. For example, if you search using the pizza emoji, Google returns images of pizza. But if you amend your search to include “near me” or a city, Google returns pizza restaurants. Some of the results include businesses that don’t use the pizza emoji anywhere on their website.


It would appear that Google translates emojis into basic text when users search with emojis, but there is some evidence that emoji searches provide a nuance that can be more useful. For example, searching with the bikini emoji in a given city returns businesses that sell bikinis, while searching with the text “bikini” returns some of the same businesses, but also businesses where the employees wear bikinis.


Branded Search: As of right now, a search containing an emoji and a common search phrase like “for sale” will only return results that contain that emoji within their website. If you were to search using the dog emoji and “for sale”, the results would be a mixture of social media postings, classified ads, and general results that contain the dog emoji.


Do People Use Emojis to Search?


Emoji searches are allowed, and search engines have begun to interpret emojis used in queries, but it is still unclear how many people are actually using emojis in their regular Internet searches. Traffic from emoji search results can currently be seen in Google Search Console, making it fairly easy to monitor current emoji usage in your business’s search traffic. Until there is more data, marketers can prepare by testing emoji use in online content to see its effect on page ranking and investigating what emoji searches businesses and clients may currently be ranking for.



10 Jul

How Do I Build An Effective Landing Page?

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First of all, let’s define a landing page. The simplest way to describe a landing page is that it’s a webpage that you visit or in other words ‘land’ on. You can land on this page by clicking a link or on an advertisement. A landing page can be an effective tool in marketing and advertising for your business.


What is the purpose of a landing page?

There are several purposes for building an effective landing page for your business or website that include marketing and advertising for your business. The main reason most people create more landing pages is to increase their conversion rate. In marketing, conversion is to get a percentage of people to do a desired action. When we are talking about landing pages, the desired action may be to:


19 Jun

All About Off-Page SEO

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There are many techniques to help your website grow increasing foot traffic. Many people rely on search engines to direct traffic to them. One key method that most website owners will use is search engine optimization or SEO.

What is SEO?

In short, search engine optimization (SEO) is a method that helps your audience find you easier in the search engine results or the search engine result pages (SERP). There are methods for both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.  On-Page SEO consists more of keywords, longtail keywords, tags, meta tags, and other tools that you do directly to, or on, your website. These occur actually on your web pages.  Off-Page SEO is a promotion method that occurs off of your website. This method uses links and social media to broaden your audience and increase your search engine results.


12 Jun

Linking Social Media with Your WordPress Site

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Social media is a great tool for your WordPress business account. By adding social media to your WordPress site, you are opening up the avenues of your business and potentially adding traffic to your other sites. There are several ways to link your social media sites to your WordPress site, which include:

  • Adding Links
  • Using a WordPress Plugin such as a Social Media Widget
  • Adding your social media to the “About You” section on WordPress
  • Adding a “Share This” button