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24 Feb

Voice Mails vs. Support Tickets

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Greetings!  We wanted to follow up with you about our previous support process email and talk a little bit about the advantages of submitting support tickets as opposed to leaving voicemails.

First of all, support tickets are checked 24/7 – voicemails are not. 🙁

                       SUPPORT TICKETS                             VOICEMAILS
                             24/7 Support                                Office Hours Only

All support is handled through tickets. Having the customer submit a support ticket ensures that we receive all of the correct information without the possibility of a misunderstanding via voicemail. Sometimes voicemails do not include all information requires, causing confusion when a member of our team is creating the ticket. 

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm CST.  Outside of these hours no one will likely be available to check voice mails and submit tickets for you.   There will be techs available online, and you will receive help from them much quicker if you submit a ticket instead of leaving a voice mail. 

You can submit a ticket even if you are having email issues.  You can use an alternate email account (very important to have a secondary email address) to email Support@HostandStore.com (this opens up a support ticket), or you can submit a ticket from your Client Area.  If you do not know your Client Area login information, please send us an email, and we’d be happy to email your credentials to you. 

If you do leave a voice mail, we need your full name (if it is not your name on the account, we need the full name of that person), email address, your secondary email address if you are having email issues, and the details of the issue. We have had several cases lately of only names and numbers left in a voice mail.  This is not enough information to go on in order to submit a ticket.  Please include all of the requested information.


12 Dec

Support Process Update

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You may have noticed that we have recently updated our support process and that our phone line now goes directly to voicemail.

Here are some answers to a few concerns that we have been seeing regarding our updated support process.


Why Are The Phones Off / Why Only an Online Ticketing System?

  • Support tickets are a much more efficient way for us to track tickets, identify recurring issues (allowing us to more quickly focus on resolving a larger issue, if there is one), and give you quicker responses to any issues you may be having.
  • Support tickets are reviewed 24/7, while phone calls and voicemails are restricted to business hours only.