Month: June, 2015

18 Jun

7 Browser Tools for SEO

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If you’re looking for ways to get more out of your website, you should try applying search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. It’s a great way to help new visitors discover your site by improving your rank in search engine queries. Imagine being found by people looking for content that you already have on your site. They’re going to love it! Consequently, there’s a good chance they’re going to love you. Today, we’re going to discuss 7 Browser Tools for SEO and how they can help you improve your site’s rank.


11 Jun

Beginner’s Guide to the WordPress Dashboard

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Beginner's Guide to WordPress Dashboard image

At HostandStore, we’re huge fans of WordPress. In fact, we strongly advocate moving your site to WordPress. Today we will help you get started using this fantastic CMS yourself. We created this post to serve as a beginner’s guide to getting started with the WordPress dashboard. We hope you will use this guide as a resource to familiarize yourself with the platform so that you can become comfortable enough to start using it for your own site!


04 Jun

Getting Started with Local SEO for Your Site

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If you’ve followed our blog for any time at all, you’ve probably noticed that this year we’ve been focusing on showing you ways to learn about digital marketing and SEO (short for search engine optimization) to get the most out of your website. Even if you weren’t sure how each of the techniques we’ve discussed could positively improve your site’s performance, today’s topic is something that can help your business grow in ways you never imagined. Today we will discuss the importance of sharing your NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) information online to help with your local SEO. We’ll also show you how to get started!