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13 Feb

Two-Factor Authentication

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Over the years we can see that the use of conventional passwords are not enough to protect ourselves online. Accounts are easily invaded through the discovery of personal passwords, social profiles are violated, increasingly sophisticated malware is spread, and mobile threats have become increasingly present in our day-to-day lives. Several attacks are enough to prove that the security provided by traditional passwords are no longer as efficient as they used to be. This is due to the fact that the technologies used by malicious users have evolved.

One of the last (already ineffective) methods formerly used are the one-time acronym passwords (OTP), which basically give you a specific time-frame to insert your sensitive information. If it takes too long for you to insert that information, then your login is delayed. All of this is done in an effort to circumvent robots or malware who may try to break into your private accounts. However, this has already become useless because the malware programs used by hackers are now able to slip through these techniques. Although this tactic is still active and employed, it is considered by many to be 70% ineffective.


06 Feb

How Do I Attach Pictures in my Emails?

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Startup Stock Photos

In today’s world, the online e-mail tools that are available to us are offering more storage space that we can imagine. This has allowed users to have access to their old messages each time they access the internet, as well as the ability to easily share large files with others. However, one of the biggest advantages of using any form of e-mail client software, such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird, is the great versatility in the formatting of outgoing messages.


23 Jan

Configuring a catch-all email account

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If you have your own website, chances are you have a custom email address, such as As part of your email strategy, you can create a specific email to “catch” the ones that get away.

You see, people mess up. Often times, a person will send you an email, and because they mistyped your address, they’ll wind up forwarding their message to a non-existent recipient. With a catch-email account in place, it will capture these messages that would have otherwise been sent to the wrong receiver.
So how does this work?




02 Jan

What are E-Mail Clients?

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Email technology has been around for decades.  In today’s world, we use it more than ever.  Whether it’s for school, work, or personal use, thanks to its widespread popularity, there’s no sign of it going away any time soon.

What is an Email Client?

An email client is simply a program that reads and sends emails. These programs can be found on computers, tablets, and smartphones.


12 Dec

Joining Mailing Lists – When Should I? When Should I Not?

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When a company decides to invest in creating a mailing list, it wants to offer customers an easy and direct way to receive news and valuable content.

The content you’ll find in a mailing list goes a little beyond the type of content that companies put out on their website and corporate blog.

If you stumbled upon this article as a business owner, know that your job is to invest in the development of information that brings value to your customers. By serving them with genuinely useful, insightful, and informative content, your efforts should positively impact their lives and greatly increase the likes, shares, and organic traffic to your site/blog.


05 Dec

Spam Management: 5 Simple Steps to Eliminate Spam

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Everyone hates spam.  You know, those unsolicited emails that are sent to us and sometimes infected with viruses. Unfortunately, most of us receive them often. Spam has actually become an epidemic in the online world.  It represents over 80% of the emails received on Gmail, according to company data.

Fortunately for us, there are a variety of anti-spam filters out there. They block these annoying emails and therefore nullify their negative effects. Since this is something that many people have to deal with on a daily basis, it’s good to know how these tools work and how you can get rid of spam.


28 Nov

5 Things You Should Know Before Unsubscribing

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Everyone at one point has received an unsolicited email. Most of us know that cleaning them up from our inbox is as simple as clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the page.

However, what most people don’t know is that clicking on those emails can get them into some serious trouble.

If a spammer sends you an email that looks legit, you may wind up giving away personal information about yourself when you decide to opt-out of his fake mailing list. Worst of all, you could grant him with the opportunity to send you some malware, though obviously not everyone who emails you is out to grab your personal data.


08 Nov

How Do I Protect my Email Account?

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Your email account is an open door to your personal life. This makes it the perfect exploitation tool for hackers and cyber criminals. From bank account information to social media logins, a person’s inbox can be filled with private data that can be used to cause great havoc on one’s life. It’s no wonder why hacking an email account is so common. With this being said, here’s what you can do to improve your email security.


01 Nov

Why Should I Have A Secondary Email Address? Part 3: Professionalism

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Which dentist would you choose if you received the following email addresses: or

If you’re like most people, you’d pick the first one.

That’s not just a random statement. As a matter of fact, in a recent survey by Verisign, 9 out of 10 people said that the first email makes a business look more credible.


25 Oct

Why Should I Have A Secondary Email Address? Part 2: Organization

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Part II: Organization

Email has become an integral part of our lives. There’s no denying it. Millions of emails are sent every day. We use it for business purposes, work, to connect with family and friends, to sign up for online accounts, and so much more. Since it serves so many purposes, it has become easier than ever for us to get lost in our inbox. You see, most people have have no organizational skills when it comes to managing their email account. As a matter of fact, most people use their primary email address for everything they do on the web. So it’s not uncommon to have a mix of  business emails, promotional offers, and grandma asking why you don’t call her as often!