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02 Jul

What to Know About Email Bounce

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Have you ever tried to send an email but had it rejected or returned? This is called “bounce.” Email bounce is when you try to send a message but the recipient’s server rejects your mail. This can be especially frustrating for businesses, as email marketing can be an incredibly effective (and cost-effective!) way to attract new customers. There are several reasons your emails may bounce, which we will get into later. Let’s start by explaining the 2 primary types of bounce.


11 Mar

Running an Email Server with Your Own Domain

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For many people, the word “server” only brings to mind a tool for web hosting. As we’ve discussed before, however, there are many great uses for servers. Today, we’re going to be talking about managing a server dedicated to email using your own domain. What we’re talking about in this post is slightly more advanced, but it’s something that any moderately able system administrator should have no trouble tackling.