Social media is a great tool for your WordPress business account. By adding social media to your WordPress site, you are opening up the avenues of your business and potentially adding traffic to your other sites. There are several ways to link your social media sites to your WordPress site, which include:

  • Adding Links
  • Using a WordPress Plugin such as a Social Media Widget
  • Adding your social media to the “About You” section on WordPress
  • Adding a “Share This” button

Adding Links
You can add links to your social media anywhere. However, it is a really good idea to add links to your blog articles, as well. Usually you would add these links at the end of the article and could say something like, ‘For more information please check out our Facebook page at {insert link}. This helps to create more clients on different platforms. You don’t have to have links on every blog article. However, a few here and there will allow people to know you have a social media account.

Using A Plugin
There are several plugins that allow you to put your social media accounts onto your WordPress in the form of buttons. One such plugin is a Social Media Widget. This widget will let you choose which social media sites you use and allow you to put your URL in. You then have a choice of where to add these social media buttons. Often times people like to add these buttons to their sidebar.

Adding Social Media To About You Section
It is vital to have a way that your clients can message and contact you. So if you have a page on your WordPress account dedicate to what your company is about or how to contact you can add links to your social media right on these pages. It will give your clients reference to other areas where they can find your business on the web.

Adding A Share This Button
You can also use WordPress plugins to add social media share buttons. This allows your clients to share information from your WordPress to social media and will increase traffic and create new clients for you. Plugins will allow you to place share buttons at the end of every blog article if you choose or other areas of your WordPress site. They could also make it easy for people to share your whole site on social media

Final Thoughts
There are many different ways to tie your social media accounts to your WordPress site. It’s also a very good idea to put links on your social media sites to your WordPress website. What you want to do is increase traffic to your WordPress site by adding relevant and unique content to your social media sites and your WordPress site both. The bigger your social media presence is, the more traffic that will flow to your WordPress business account. So don’t be shy about putting your information out there.

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