Part II: Organization

Email has become an integral part of our lives. There’s no denying it. Millions of emails are sent every day. We use it for business purposes, work, to connect with family and friends, to sign up for online accounts, and so much more. Since it serves so many purposes, it has become easier than ever for us to get lost in our inbox. You see, most people have have no organizational skills when it comes to managing their email account. As a matter of fact, most people use their primary email address for everything they do on the web. So it’s not uncommon to have a mix of  business emails, promotional offers, and grandma asking why you don’t call her as often!

This can be frustrating. Nothing is worse than having to sift through a series of emails to find what you’re looking for. Although this is considered to be a small act, over the course of time it will add up and you will lose plenty of time, energy, and patience!

So why go through this hassle?

The solution to this problem is simple: get yourself a second email address!

This will allow you to use your email in a much quicker and efficient manner. This in turn, will not only boost your productivity, but will make your life easier too.

So here are tips on how you can become more organized with a second email address.

Manage Projects

Multitasking can be tough. If you are working on a variety of projects, you’ll have a ton of email coming your way from various sources. What’s even worse is having to sift through each message and figuring out where it’s from and what it’s about. Why go through all that stress? You can create a separate email address that is dedicated to each project. This will greatly improve your workflow. By doing this, you can streamline and manage your communication channels and safely share your login details with other people that are involved on the project.

Remote Access

If you are using an email client that is only accessible on your desktop computer, it’s a good idea to create an email account that is hosted on the web. This will not only allow you to detach yourself from your personal email, but will allow you to access and organize important emails remotely too. If you want to get fancy, you can also forward these emails to your desktop based account. That way, the sender won’t contact you via your personal email and you’ll still receive the message.

Simplify Your Life

By keeping your personal and work emails separate, you’ll make life so much easier. Not only will it be easier to find what you are looking for, but you’ll be safer too. Did you know that if you work for the state, you may be subject to the freedom of information act request? (The government will be able to see your emails.)  At your office, chances are your boss has set up an email system in which he can see what you send and receive. And if that wasn’t bad enough, corporate emails are constant targets for spam and viruses. Why put yourself at risk?

Final Thoughts

Having a separate email account will make your so much life easier. You will become more organized, efficient, productive and safer. A secondary email address is the key to increased productivity, work-life balance, and privacy.