If you have your own website, chances are you have a custom email address, such as As part of your email strategy, you can create a specific email to “catch” the ones that get away.

You see, people mess up. Often times, a person will send you an email, and because they mistyped your address, they’ll wind up forwarding their message to a non-existent recipient. With a catch-email account in place, it will capture these messages that would have otherwise been sent to the wrong receiver.
So how does this work?



If you set up and someone sends an email to, the message will be sent to the catch-email as opposed to being sent back as undeliverable.

Awesome, right? We think so too.

As a matter of fact, here are 3 reasons we think it’s a good idea to have a catch email account in place.

1. It prevents human error from interrupting communication

The best thing about this method is that it ensures the delivery of a message. Even if the sender mistyped the email address, you’ll still be able to receive it.

2. You can save messages from recently-closed accounts

Companies experience staff and management changes throughout the years and will often close existing email accounts. Some people may move on to a different organization, some may change roles within the company, and others may even get fired. Clients certainly don’t know someone’s situation within a company, so sometimes they may be trying to contact someone who isn’t even there anymore. Not so long ago, that email would have been undelivered. But thanks to the catch-email account, we can retrieve it and re-direct it to the right person. Ideally, when a person leaves a company, an auto-responder would be placed on his email address to inform the recipient as to why that email address is no longer functioning and whom they should contact. However, this method is temporary. A catch-all is beneficial when a potential client decides to contact your company two years later.

3. You can use it to manage your other online accounts

Almost all online services ask you to provide them with a valid email address when creating an account. So if you create an email such as , It becomes much easier to remember your login info in the future.

Every one of these sites also claim to protect your personal information, but even the safest sites will at some point suffer a malicious attack. One frequent  problem that occurs are spam bots who scan social media networks for your email address to add them to their database. So if you create a catch-all email specifically for that website, you’ll protect your personal email from spam.

Okay, so how do I set up a catch-email?

Log into cPanel

  1. Go to the mail section and click Default Address.
  2. Click send all unrouted email for.
  3. Select the domain in which you would like to setup your catchall.

We hope this information helps you.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know.