Which dentist would you choose if you received the following email addresses: info@drjohn.com or johnnyteeth72@gmail.com?

If you’re like most people, you’d pick the first one.

That’s not just a random statement. As a matter of fact, in a recent survey by Verisign, 9 out of 10 people said that the first email makes a business look more credible.

Although this may seem insignificant at first, there is a much bigger lesson to be learned than just the naming of an email address. This simple act is actually about developing trust and credibility through branding. It is the impression that your company will give off to potential customers. And for businesses in today’s competitive market, it serves as a tool to help them stand out from another.


If you’re still not sure as to how this relates to your email account, here are 5  reasons why you should develop a secondary email address for your business.


1. It Gives Off A Nice First Impression

A generic email address will often project amateurism. It causes confusion in the customer’s mind as to whether you are even a professional at what you do. A branded email however, shows the world that your company is competent and well established. It tells potential customers that you are experienced and serious about your business.


2. It Makes You Appear Bigger Than You Really Are

Generic emails are often used by part-timers, as well as small and new businesses. Now, you wouldn’t want to associate your company with these groups, would you? Having a branded email sends off a “corporate feeling.” As a matter of fact, a generic email can even cause clients to not want to compensate you fairly. After all, if you didn’t even put in the effort to create a professional looking email, what value can you possible to your customers? Again, by failing to do so, you will be compared to those who are less-experienced and convey a less professional image. Ideally, you should set up multiple email addresses for your business (e.g., billing@drjohn.com, info@drjohn.com, support@drjohn.com, etc.). This will help you establish the image and credibility of an experienced professional.


3. It Builds Credibility And Trust

Unfortunately we have grown used to spam. The internet is full of con artists, so a lot of people would think twice about responding to johnnyteeth72@gmail.com with their personal info. When you have a branded email address in place, you give off a feeling of reassurance and security to potential customers. You make them feel at ease and showcase the legitimacy of your business.


4. It’s Easy (And Cheap Too)

You can have a branded email set up through your domain name provider or web hosting company with no effort on your part and for an extremely low cost.


5. It Promotes Your Brand

The best thing about a branded email is that every time you send a message someone, you’re advertising your company. It’s one of the most affordable and valuable ways to market yourself.


Final Thoughts

So, if you think branding is only for Fortune 500 companies, think again. You can start harnessing the power of a secondary email address today to build your brand.