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07 Oct

4 Things Everyone Should Know about Softaculous

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Softaculous is the leading auto-installer application for servers with Cpanel. With more than 215 scripts available, the company continues to add more each day in order to cover all of their customers’ needs. With so many categories to choose from, you can find just about anything you can imagine to make your website more powerful. That’s because with softaculous, there’s something for everyone. There are applications to manage customer service, blogs, projects, and so much more! This application has been known to considerably reduce the time spent on monotonous tasks in just a few clicks and with no technical knowledge whatsoever.


11 Nov

The Best Ways to Back Up Your WordPress Blog

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WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS)


There are many important things to consider when running a website or blog.  Aside from the design, you should make sure that your site’s content is always available to your audience, thus the need for good hosting.  This is especially important to build a decent amount of traffic to your site and earn some money from it.  This is also the reason why you should regularly back it up, so you can restore it anytime when something goes wrong.


30 Oct

5 Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website

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When it comes to content management systems, WordPress tops the list of the most used one. In fact, 58.8% of all websites use it as their CMS, according to W3Techs.

All in all, that means that 24.8% of all websites are on WordPress hosting. That’s quite a lot, and given its relative ease of use, we can only assume this number will continue to increase over the years.


06 Oct

How to Install WordPress with One Click

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Hello Friends! I hope you’re all doing well. Have you heard of WordPress? I’m sure many of you have. It’s a convenient content management system with a huge following. Over the past several years, it has become increasingly popular. It’s easy to use and has a mass of options for your web design project or blog.

WordPress is easy to install. With just a handful of steps you’ll have WordPress installed and ready to go. If you host with, it’s as simple as clicking a button.