You may have noticed that we have recently updated our support process and that our phone line now goes directly to voicemail.

Here are some answers to a few concerns that we have been seeing regarding our updated support process.


Why Are The Phones Off / Why Only an Online Ticketing System?

  • Support tickets are a much more efficient way for us to track tickets, identify recurring issues (allowing us to more quickly focus on resolving a larger issue, if there is one), and give you quicker responses to any issues you may be having.
  • Support tickets are reviewed 24/7, while phone calls and voicemails are restricted to business hours only.

What Happens After I Leave A Voicemail?

After you leave a voicemail, a ticket will be submitted for you. However, if you do not leave the requested information, we may not be able to. There have been a few instances where a problem is reported, but we have no way of knowing who the client is as no relevant information has been provided. The ticketing system completely eliminates this problem.

Can I Expect a Callback for My Voicemail?

We are currently only providing callbacks when the ticketing system cannot be used or there is a very complex issue that requires a call from a technician.

Why Are We Advised to Have a Secondary E-mail Address?

It is extremely important to have a secondary e-mail address, in case your main e-mail address is not functioning properly, so that we can communicate with you via our ticketing system.

There are also many other reasons a secondary e-mail address can be helpful, and we have addressed some of those reasons in the 3 part series that we posted to our blog recently (Part 1: Security, Part 2: Organization and Part 3: Professionalism). 🙂

We understand that this change can be frustrating, however, we have implemented this change in order to make our support system move as smoothly as possible. Not only does it allow us to keep track of recurring issues (across one customer or all customers), but it allows our technicians more time to work on the resolving the issues affecting you. Additionally, our support tickets are checked 24/7, while voicemails / phone calls are not.

How Can I Submit a Ticket?

You can submit a ticket by –

  • Emailing for Support issues or for Billing concerns.
  • Submitting a ticket from our website. Submit a Ticket. (You can submit and view the status of your tickets in the Client Area, even if your email is not working!)

Please do not submit duplicate tickets for one issue. This will NOT lead to a quicker resolution, but will cause confusion. All duplicate tickets will be merged into one ticket.