WordPress is a wonderful resource for your business. Your WordPress account can do just about anything you want to promote your business, increase sales, and establish your business as a prominent business. There are so many wonderful plugins to further make your WordPress site business-friendly. This month we take a closer look at the SEOPressor plugin.


SEOPressor Plugin Details

First of all, before using any plugin for SEO you have to understand what SEO is. SEO is search engine optimization. The word itself sounds very technical and can be intimidating. It’s not really. SEO is what you do to help your business be found more easily on a search engine. The more SEO-friendly you are, the higher you can be on the search engine. You achieve this by several things: using keywords, meta tags, descriptions, and other techniques. The SEOPressor helps you become more SEO-friendly by:


  • Helping with link management
  • Giving you SEO suggestions
  • Analyzing your keyword usage
  • Showing your word density
  • Proofreading and ensuring no broken links
  • Analyzing your SEO rankings
  • Fixing your SEO problems


This program is a one-stop shop to helping you have better SEO and allows for your customers to find you easier in search results. It gives great suggestions and precise statistics on your SEO performances and makes search engine optimization easier for you.


Installing This Plugin

To install this plugin, go to WordPress plugins and search for SEOPressor then:


  1. Click “install SEOPressor now”
  2. Click “activate plugin”
  3. If you need to adjust the settings, go to your page and go to “configure plugin settings” and change them to your preferences.
  4. Start using the plugin

There are many different plugins for SEO on WordPress. This one takes the work out of having multiple plugins for search engine optimization. Try it for yourself. It can be a handy tool in helping your business succeed.