A new popular tool for promoting businesses is Facebook Live. Facebook Live allows you to record in the moment, live from anywhere and for any reason. Facebook Live is a great resource for businesses.  It does have several pros and cons to think about before you try it out for yourself.


Facebook Live Pros:

Facebook Live can be a great resource. There are several good reasons you should be using it –


Giving A Better View Of Your Company

A live recording can actually give people an inside look of your business. It also gives a face to the business. People love to use businesses that they recognize, that feel friendly to them, that radiate a personal feel – businesses that they really understand and feel could understand them. Facebook Live can show them who you really are and really help promote your business.


Results Are Easy To Understand And Measure

The nice thing about Facebook Live is that you can almost instantly see how people are responding to you and your business through a video. This can be from likes, dislikes, shares, how many people are watching and even comments. Facebook gives you nice easy numbers to understand.


Promote Events/Coupons/Sales

Facebook Live is like free advertising for your business. You can promote almost anything with a video. Of course, you can also pay for Facebook ads. But why would you want to when you have free live videos?


Address A Large Following At One Time

This feature on Facebook allows you to speak directly to a large group of people at one time. You actually see how many people are watching so it really helps to reach bigger crowds. Also, Facebook sends out notifications when people or businesses go live, which draws in more people to your video.


Give Sneak Peaks

You can give sneak peeks of new products or programs with Facebook Live. It’s like a teaser to get your following to come back for more. In a world where marketing is key, this is really good to use.


Address FAQs

Sometimes just reading your FAQs can be quite boring. You can spice them up with a good Facebook Live video. People love interaction, so go for it.


Ad Target Specific

Facebook has a tool that allows you to choose your audience, so it makes your videos and advertisements audience specific or even location specific. This really helps you to target the people mostly likely to use your business.


Address Blog Comments/Concerns

You may receive many comments and/or concerns in your blog comments. Facebook Live allows you to be able to go through these comments and talk to your audience about them. Not only that, you can address specific people. People love to hear you talking to them personally.


Give Information In Real Time

Sales, ads, news, and more can be time sensitive. By using Facebook Live, you can reach many people at once and give out the proper information in real time.


Facebook Live Cons:

While there are many pros to Facebook Live, there are also some downsides to it. If you learn to use it properly, you can avoid some of these cons –


Technical Issues

Up until now, most videos were recording and then uploading to social media. If you wanted to be live, then you did video streaming. Now you can record in the moment while people are watching. This leaves the door open to technical issues such as issues with volume, weather, background noise, low battery, lighting, phone issues, and even issues about how close or far you are from your device.


Recording Issues

These issues include those with your voices, pace, issues with your device, and any mistake you can make personally while you are recording.


Spam/Too Many /Ads

Some people see ads as spam. If they get too many ads in their feed, they tend not to look at them too much. So using Facebook Live is nice, but don’t overly use it. Set a schedule, and pace yourself.


You cannot engage with everyone who is watching

Facebook Live is not as interactive as you may think. Yes, you can interact with some of your audience. However, if a person doesn’t comment while you are live, you may not be able to reach them personally. In order to try to reach more people, keep videos under five minutes and make your topics interesting.


Irrelevant Content

If you are not giving out relevant information, it could backfire and not work the way you want it to. Plan out your videos before you go live. This will ensure that you have appropriate content and that you will make less mistakes.

Overall, Facebook Live is a useful marketing tool. If you use it appropriately, it  can help your business grow. There are many possibilities of for using Facebook Live. So get creative and draw in a bigger audience.