If you’re serious about growing your business and building brand awareness, there are many ways to do this in the digital age including SEO, email marketing, blogging, creating videos, etc. However, social media is by far the dominating force, and Facebook stands above all others in terms of reach. You simply cannot afford to ignore Facebook when it comes to marketing your business.

With 1.71 billion members worldwide and 1.13 billion on Facebook everyday clicking 22 billion ads per year, Facebook offers businesses a tremendous advertising opportunity. This is where you’ll find your audience. They’re commenting, sharing, liking, following and spreading the word about everything, including their favorite brands.

Make sure you’re set up for success from the outset. You want to be recognizable so you can be found and Liked. Your profile picture is critical because it’s at the top of your page and will be used again and again as your thumbnail. Use your company logo because it’s associated with your brand. The “About” section right below your profile picture should be completed with all the relevant information so potential clients don’t have to search for your website, your products and services, hours of business, etc.

Cost of Facebook Ads

Even with a magnificent Facebook Page all set up, you would still need to advertise because organic activity just isn’t going to get you anywhere. Your posts will not simply appear in enough of your fans’ newsfeeds to yield significant results. Comparatively speaking, Facebook ads are quite cheap, costing a fraction of what other online marketing channels charge.

If you know what you’re doing, or can hire someone who does, you can budget $1 per day for Facebook ads and end up reaching 3,000 to 4,000 people that would otherwise never have seen your page. That’s just $30 a month. If you engage with these people and continue to post interesting and relevant content, this is how you’ll build your fan base and your brand while increasing revenue.

Targeting Your Audience

Facebook has an amazing range of different types of ads, and its targeting capabilities are astounding. You can actually target Angelina Jolie or Prince William. You do this by identifying your target audience and selecting demographics, interests, behaviors, age ranges, connections, locations or languages. With all of this you can dig really deep, layering them on top of each other to get rid of those you aren’t targeting.

Once you hone in on your audience, one that’s converting like mad, Facebook actually allows you to clone it. They have a feature they call “lookalike audiences” that lets you take your custom audience and reach out to entirely new people for you, people that are similar in many ways to your existing audience and therefore, very likely to have an interest in your products and/or services.

Facebook takes the guesswork out of social media advertising. When it comes to user acquisition and increased revenue, it really can’t be beat. If you want to get the most out of your online marketing budget, we recommend starting with Facebook.