Video marketing is where you incorporate videos into the way you market your business. In fact, in this world of social media, video marketing is a great strategic plan to help promote your business and increase your foot traffic.


Video marketing helps you reach a higher audience, helps your Google ratings and is an important SEO tool to use. You can create all kinds of videos and put them into different media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram and other places online. Video marketing is also very useful on your WordPress site.

Types Of Videos

Videos can be used in a variety of ways to help your customers and clients. Here are several ways to use videos:



  • Product Reviews: You can review products in a video in order to let your audience see the product and how well it works before they buy it.
  • How-To Videos: There are how-to videos on everything. You can teach someone to cook, knit or use power tools in how-to videos.
  • Commercial Ads: You can create ads for your business with videos. This helps people know who you are.
  • Live Videos: Live videos have been becoming increasingly more popular on social media. These videos let you interact with people who are watching you live as you talk to them about whatever topic you have planned to talk about that day. The best part of this is, it lets your clients and customers see and hear you in real time.



There are other types of videos such as gaming videos, inspirational videos and news videos. The possibilities are so vast that it makes it such a great tool for businesses because it’s so adaptable.


Tips On Video Marketing

There are no set rules on how to use video marketing, however there are some guidelines that will help your videos to be more effective towards your audience. Here are several important tips to get you started:


  1. Keep your video short while really engaging your audience. People normally will not sit and watch a long video.
  2. Create a great thumbnail for your video with appropriate tags and a catchy title.
  3. Your title should entice people to watch your video within seconds of reading it.
  4. Be sure to use good SEO techniques and proper tags to help your video rank higher on Google.
  5. Share your video on all social media outlets including: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The more it is seen, the better it will perform.
  6. Be sure to keep the video interactive in order to keep your audience engaged and watching it.
  7. At the end of your video you should leave your information and a call for action. Don’t let your video just end. For instance, say for more videos check me out on: {insert website here}. This will create a following.
  8. After the video, you have to still keep engaging with your audience. If they leave comments, respond to them. Give them more information in order to keep promoting your business.
  9. Never put up videos that are less than par. Also, if you have a video that is not performing well, take it down and try again. It takes time and a lot of trial and error to build a good video campaign.

No matter how you decide to use video marketing, one thing is for sure, the statistics shows that people respond well to videos. This fact alone is why video marketing is so effective in business, and so you may want to seriously consider using video marketing for your business.

Have you tried it before? If so, were you happy with your results? We’d love to hear from you!