Google apps gives companies a whole new way of working online by using email, chat, video conferencing and real-time collaboration. With their tools, you can work anywhere in the world, as long as you have a cell phone, laptop, or tablet at hand that is connected to their platform.

Google apps aims to enhance the communication,productivity and mobility of your business.

And here are 4 good reasons to use it:

1.  To Communicate


With Gmail, you can have a personalized e-mail address without ads, and with much more storage space.

You can personalize your e-mail address with your brand name (for example:

You can have 30GB, 1TB, or Unlimited storage space.

You can also count on Google with automatic backups, anti-spam protection, and compatibility with Microsoft Outlook and other email servers.


Have an HD video call on your computer, cell phone, or tablet with up to 25 people at the same time.

Connect with the people that are important to your business, with all of the same benefits of a personal interaction.

Make calls anywhere in the world and host live YouTube Transmissions with unlimited spectators thanks to Google hangouts on air.


Google calendar automatically syncs your calendar with employees. So everyone is up-to-date on what needs to be done.

This tool optimizes your business’s day-to-day activities through the use of shared calendars that are integrated with Gmail, Google Drive, Google Site, and Google Hangouts.


Create a collaborative space with clients and members of your team.

With Google+, you can safely share information within a specific group, dynamically interact with people, and filter content to find what is most relevant and important to you.

2.  To Store Data

Google Drive

Safely store your files on the cloud.

With Google Drive, you can share and access files from your computer, cell phone, or tablet.

You can manage all of your activities with a personalized control panel and can count on Google store and find your files.
Storage space ranges anywhere from 30GB,  1TB  or unlimited.

3.  To Collaborate

Google Docs

Create and edit text documents directly from your web browser.  Work collaboratively and simultaneously on your texts and have complete customization and editing control.

All of your documents are also compatible with Microsoft Word.

Google Sheets

Create advanced spreadsheets without the need for dedicated software.

You can create and edit spreadsheets on your browser and continue to work on them through any mobile device, with or without an internet connection.

Interact with other people through comments, live chat, and real-time editing. With Google Sheets, you have complete control of your documents, thanks to the personalized administrative tool built within the app.

Everything you do and save on Google Sheets is also compatible with Microsoft Excel.

Google Presentations

Personalize your presentations.

Create sophisticated slideshows straight from your web browser that easily stand out from the crowd and capture attention.

Your slideshows are also fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Google Form

Understand your clients, employees, and partners needs, through a personalized form.
With Google forms, you can craft questions in an easy, collaborative manner, and analyze the results through an automatic summary that is created based on the input received.

You can share your forms via email,  custom link,  or on your website.

4.  To Manage

Admin Console

Manage devices and set security rules.

Add users, reset passwords, view audit logs,  and set the appropriate security settings so your company data will always stays protected.


Protect your company data with a vault.
Establish security policies and based on periods of time and specific terms.
This will allow you to find and retrieve important e-mails and files, even from accounts that are de-activated.

With the vault, you also have access to advanced audit reports to keep track of your activities.

Final Thoughts

Having and maintaining a business requires some basic, key resources, such as: personal e-mail, a calendar with tasks assigned to your employees, a collaborative environment where people develop solutions together, a place to share files, and a server to store all the information generated by the company.

We know that in this day and age, companies are looking for an inexpensive, reliable, and secure collaboration platform that supports their business.

If your company is searching for the same thing, then be sure to try out Google Apps.